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Career Planning Certificate Programme

Preparation for job entry for students
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The Career Planning Certificate Programme

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Do you want to be a career self-starter when you finish your studies? We can support you during your studies in fashioning your individual career plan and so assist your career start after graduation. Taking part in the programme for a Career Planning Certificate will help you to shape your studies strategically - for academic and vocational success, and to coordinate your extra-curricular activities with an eye to your prospective career choice.

Structured reflection on the transition from university to professional life prepares your path into employment step by step. Moreover, by participating in the programme you acquire competences needed in the labour market and in job hunting.

With the Career Planning Certificate you are able to document your competences as an applicant to make these demonstrable to future employers.

Who can participate in the programme?

  • International students and German students of all study programmes at the Friedrich Schiller University Jena
  • Participation is open to all, regardless of discipline, on a voluntary basis.
  • The certificate is free of charge. For some options, however, you may be required to pay a participation fee. For more information, please refer to our catalogue.

How can you acquire the Career Planning Certificate Programme?

You can participate in a variety of activities, courses and events to prepare for your job entry. For an overview of the requirements please take a look at the checklist [pdf, 179 kb] de.

You acquire the Certificate on successful completion of four modules [png, 77 kb] de


My reflection on my career start Expand entry
  • What do you expect from your job entry?
  • What do employers expect from you?

What do you expect from your personal career entry? We would be glad to help you finding it out. Get the impression of the Thuringian labour market and visit our events to learn what your potential employers expect from you.

To complete the module My Reflection on My Career Start, you must meet the following minimum requirements and provide supporting documents:

  • at least one individual consultation with one of the project staff members concerning the reflection on the individual career start
  • participation in at least one job fair or a recruitment fair
  • using at least one support service regarding application process or application documents.

In the events calendar of the Career Point, you can find various events on the topics mentioned above. You can ask the organizer to confirm your participation and submit the confirmation to the project staff.

My profile of competences Expand entry

What can you offer a potential employer besides your degree?

Expand your profile of competences by taking part in activities covering topics, for example: intercultural training, IT skills, language courses, and much more.

To complete the module My Profile of Competences, you must meet the minimum requirements and provide supporting documents: 

  • participation in one seminar or a workshop on intercultural sensibility (at least 6 hours)
  • participation in a language course of one of the modern languages (at least 30 hours)
  • participation in other competence-based seminar (free choice; at least 2 hours).

The Language Centre of the Friedrich Schiller University Jena offers a wide range of language courses (modern languages). In most cases, you should register for language courses via the portal Friedolin. If you want to register for a course on German as a foreign language (DaF), you should register here.

My work experience Expand entry

To complete the module My Work Experience, you must meet the minimum requirements and provide supporting documents: 

  • an internship preparing for a career start in a company or organization which should last for at least 4 four weeks in a row and should be related to a study programme         or
  • a proof of occupation at the University or elsewhere amounting to at least 4 weeks and 5 working hours per week.

Benefit from the partner network of the Universitys Career Point and gain valuable work experience with internships and part-time jobs. In the job portal of the Career Point, you can find internships, part-time jobs, opportunities for your final thesis, and more offered by Thuringian companies.

For current vacancies at the University (e.g. part-time jobs as student assistant or graduate assistants), please click here de.

My voluntary activities Expand entry

Gain valuable experience from voluntary activities : spend time networking in social-oriented projects with others and find out in which topics you are interested, and with which you are eager to deal.
To complete the module My Voluntary Activities, you must meet the minimum requirements and provide supporting documents:


  • participation in the Mentoring Programme of the International Office at the Friedrich Schiller University Jena for at least one semester; in the programme, you support international students after their arrival in Jena and during their orientation phase before and at the beginning of semester.
  • other voluntary activity for at least one semester. You may opt for another semester of the Mentoring Programme or for any other voluntary activity within one of the Universitys student groups, preferably one having an intercultural character. The Department for Intercultural Exchange of the Students Council Int.Ro may help you to find the right student group from among a wide variety so that you can actively engage in its activities.
Suggestions for the four modules Expand entry

Are you bursting with energy and are looking for exciting free time activities? Here is a list of events and other opportunities for voluntary and other activities you might take part in during your studies. For more workshops and events you can take a look at the University's Qualifications Portal.

Do you want some of these activities become part of your portfolio? Then visit our coordination office after having completed them. Your activities can be recognized within respective modules. For more information, please click here.



How can I prove my achievements already acquired?

Participants must provide supporting documents certifying that they have completed module elements, e.g. participation certificate or equivalent. You can upload your supporting documents within the webportal of the Career Planning Certificate programme as a PDF file (max. 5 MB per supporting document; one PDF file per supporting document). All students enrolled at the Friedrich Schiller University Jena can register there using their existing log-in credentials provided by the University Computer Centre. You can also submit your supporting documents (one copy per page) by mail or in person:   Friedrich-Schiller-Universität Jena, Career Point, Zertifikat Karriereplan, 3rd floor, room 303, Am Planetarium 8, 07743 Jena, Germany.

How much time should I spare for the Career Planning Certificate Programme?

This depends on your personal time frame, on your previous activities, and experience in your studies. In general, we recommended you to plan two semesters for your participation in the programme. If you already have some experience, e.g. internship, voluntary activities, these may be recognized within respective Certificates modules upon examination of your supporting documents.

If you provide all necessary supporting documents and complete the four modules by the end of your studies at the University (date of termination of enrolment), you will receive the Career Planning Certificate.

What are the benefits of participating in the Career Planning Certificate Programme?

If you participate in the programme, we support you during you preparation for the job entry during your studies. In the programme, you deal with your future career path that you want to pursue after your study programme. A target-oriented and structured reflection process is a significant part of the programme. You can, for example, learn how to write your motivation letter or to prepare your application portfolio for job interviews. After a successful completion of all four modules, you will receive your personal Career Planning Certificate. In the certificate, your activities will be documented according to individual modules.
Thanks to this structured document, you will be able to present your activities and preparation for your job entry during your studies. In addition to your CV, the Career Planning Certificate is a supporting document proving your versatile, career-oriented engagement in the activities apart from your studies thus complementing your profile.


How can I register for the participation in the Career Planning Certificate Programme?

To participate in the Career Planning Certificate Programme, please register online in our webportal.

The participants

overview participants overview participants Illustration: Sabine Müller


Since the beginning of the project, 116 students from 9 faculties of the University of Jena have decided to participate in the certificate programme, among them 56 international students. So far 12 committed students successfully completed the programme and were awarded a Career Planning Certificate (as at September 2020).

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Career Planning Certificate Programme
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