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For Students

Group of students for a clear blue sky with flying paper plane.
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Our Offers for You

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    Advisory Services Where are you at? And where do you want to go from here? We will help you find your own way!

    We can give you feedback on your covering letter and CV, plan the application process, and discuss upcoming job interviews.
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    Are you looking for... ...a student or graduate job? If so, please take a look at our job portal.

    If you are not sure where to go from here: Book an information and advice appointment with us.
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    Covering Letter and CV Our sample documents with tips on content and format.
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    Events Lectures by representatives from industries?

    Exciting and profitable workshops?

    Or the next crash course for the first insight into the field of job applications?

    Find all this and more in our upcoming events.
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    Information on Legal Issues What do international students have to bear in mind when working alongside their studies?

    And what about internships?

    Take a look at our information!

Our Offers – as a Video!

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As experienced providers of careers and employability guidance, we offer tailored one-to-one support on the following topics:

  • check of your application documents
  • career planning, career start, finding your career path
  • internships in Germany and abroad


We offer one-to-one coaching to develop new approaches, ideas, and strategies. We help you help yourself. We will listen to you and ask further questions. This way, you can organize your thoughts, adopt new perspectives, and find your own way.

Some of the questions that we can help you with:

  • Which job / career pathway / internship is the right fit for me? (reviewing your strengths, competences, and potential)
  • Where do I come from and where am I now? (taking stock of your biography and current position)
  • Where and how do I want to work outside academia? (developing career strategies for graduates, as well as alternatives)
  • How do I make sure that I keep well despite my challenging studies and job (search)? (work-life balance / life-work planning)
  • I am about to graduate—What is next?

Covering Letter and CV

Our sample documents with useful tips on content and format.

Covering Letterpdf, 276 kb

CVpdf, 306 kb vers. 1 – »blocks«

CVpdf, 340 kb vers. 2 – »all in one«

Information on Legal Issues

  • Working alongside your studies

    What you should bear in mind:

    Please note the requirements of the law on foreigners: non-EU citizens whose main reason for staying in Germany is to study

    • may only work 140 days (up to 8 hours/day) or 280 half days (up to 4 hours/day) per year without a special work permit
    • this does not apply if you work as a student or research assistant
    • fee-based work is considered self-employment and must be authorised in advance by the immigration authority
    Learn moreExternal link
  • (Mandatory) Internship

    Germany has a minimum wage of currently 12.41 EUR per hour since January 2024. Even students may not be paid less than the minimum wage, although this does not always apply for work placements. The minimum wage does not have to be paid for mandatory internships, and only has to be paid for voluntary work if the work placement lasts longer than three months. Otherwise, students on work placements are usually paid very little or nothing at all.

    Learn moreExternal link
  • Residency and Social Security Law

    The publication by Prof. Dr. jur. Dorothee Frings presents the residence and social law regulations for international students in a detailed and clearly structured manner.

    Learn moreExternal link

Studies Done – what now?

The Federal Employment AgencyExternal link offers first guidance about the sector in which you might want to start your career.

The Thuringian labour market, too, offers graduates various career opportunities. Have a look at the many interesting professional fields and sectors available in JenaExternal link and elsewhere in ThuringiaExternal link.